Aquariums – What Are the Types of Aquariums?

Aquariums can quickly become a center of attraction in any household. Although 200 Gallon Fish Tank can often be quite beautiful, these large marine tanks are not just for show. If you do not currently have a lot of fish, large aquariums provide you with the option to include more when you are ready. Regardless of who will be living in your aquarium, it is imperative to ensure that somebody is dedicated to feeding and cleaning its residents.


Most aquariums require a sump for easy cleaning. The sump, also known as the water pump, is vital in keeping aquariums clean and healthy. A high-strength filter system is necessary so that the water remains clean and bacteria-free. Without a filter system and sump, there is a good chance that fish will die due to the accumulation of toxic waste. In addition to a filter system, you may also want to purchase aquarium gravel to enhance the beauty of your aquarium further.

A one-gallon aquarium is recommended for fish up to twelve inches long. However, this does not mean that your fish will necessarily be under this size. Fish can come in all sizes, from fish that are one inch long, to fish that are four and a half inches long. These fish will all require a larger than normal tank. Because of this size difference, aquariums that are larger than one gallon are commonly referred to as aquarists’ tanks.

Aquariums can come in all colors. These colors range from bright green and vibrant oranges, to deep blue and striking black. There are even tropical fish tanks available for those who enjoy keeping fish in their home tropical atmosphere. When keeping fish in aquariums, you can also find fish tanks that are a mixture of different sizes. For example, there are small-sized aquariums that are only 24 inches long, and these fish tanks are great for introducing new fish into your household. On the other hand, larger aquariums are often used by aquarists to house fish that are two and a half to three feet long.

Another size variation are aquariums that are smaller than traditional tanks. This can be a perfect option if you are trying to live in an apartment or if space is at a minimum. Smaller aquariums can usually fit on a desk or counter top, and they take up less space than a standard aquarium. On the contrary, larger aquariums are often placed in larger rooms where there is more room. Larger aquariums will certainly have a much better view than smaller ones. This is yet another reason why people love aquariums; they provide a great view.

Sump or self-water aquariums are becoming increasingly popular today because of their versatility. A sump tank allows you to simply add water and fill it up, whereas the self-watering variety will require you to manually water in the aquarium as well as adding water. Either way, both of these aquariums provide the aquatic animal with plenty of moisture so they do not drown.

If you are planning to build a tropical fish tank but are unsure about which aquariums to buy, there are several things to consider before purchasing one. If you are just building your aquarium for the first time, you may want to consider getting a lower priced aquarium. However, if this is not possible, then you should look into the higher priced aquariums. In fact, some people believe that the most expensive aquariums are not always the best choice. These aquariums range in price from around forty dollars to around five hundred dollars. Some of the more expensive brands include Petunia Pickle Bottom or Hikari Sea Ray.

The final type of aquariums are the acrylic fish tanks. These aquariums are usually made out of a durable plastic material and can range in size from around ten gallons to around twenty gallons. The acrylic fish tanks are most commonly found at home improvement stores.