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What is the Decibel Level?

I thought that it was interesting when my neighbor asked me what the decibel level was when my husband was working outside. I actually never thought of it because he is working outside and I figured that all of the drilling that he was doing was good for his ears as he was outside and […]

A Lot of Burglaries Are Committed by People You Know

Some people make bad decisions. Some of those people that make the bad decisions are your neighbors or even family. We have had two break-ins at our home where money and jewelry were stolen. The first time we strongly suspected it was the son of one of our neighbors. The second time we really believe it was our nephew who had become addicted to drugs. We looked into getting home security for Vancouver after the first incident, but we didn’t do anything about it until after the second time of getting hit.

Is it a shame to have to take such actions just to protect your own house? Yes, it most certainly is. However, this is the way of the world. (more…)

I Wanted to Get a Security System

I wanted to get a home security system without going into debt. I was not worried about having it monitored by a professional service as I figured I could handle that myself and save the monthly fees. I also did not need to have one professionally installed because I knew that I would have no problem installing one myself. The only thing I was not sure of was which of the many CCTV systems would be best for my own needs. I decided to just go online and look at all the information I could find so I could finally purchase one and get it installed.

I looked at several different companies, but I really only considered one company because of the low prices, the exceptional reviews I had read, and the wide variety of systems and accessories. (more…)